build your skin's

natural integrity

Our philosophy


to render the skin more robust

to environmental aggressors

Many harsh synthetic ingredients and retinoids aim to rapidly increase cell turnover, which is a finite process.  The resulting 'healing' reaction can add stress to and leave the skin more vulnerable to environmental stressors on a daily basis. 

gently restorative and

intensely nourishing, we believe in a more sustainable approach to slowing down the signs of ageing

retain moisture

restore skin elasticity

protect against oxidative damage

which fast tracks our ageing process


Our luxurious master formula harnesses the active nutrients from 25 superior-grade botanicals, carefully selected and optimally blended to correct imperfections, improve skin resilience, and reduce the visible signs of ageing.


Instantly, dull and tired skin looks more youthful with a lustrous, radiant glow. Over time, your skin will strengthen its barrier to the elements and better function as the protective organ it is.   


Suitable for all skin types, our oils benefit from anti-inflammatory and emollient properties to help balance and soothe oily and break-out prone complexions.

Rejuvenate, repair & restore

Created with passion, every bottle of Rosa de Rose is the result of a journey that begins in some of the world’s most naturally enriching growing environments.


We are dedicated to optimising the quality and potency of all our botanicals – whether it’s our Rosa Damascena from Morocco, our Vanilla from Costa Rica, or our Sandalwood from Australia.

We are committed to promoting biodiversity with less controlled, more natural farming systems. Our strict sourcing criteria means that we won't source from monoculture plantations, even if they’re classified as organic.  We only source from selected growers who meet our exacting criteria with sustainable, organic polyculture, ethical wildcrafting or biodynamic farming, and only extract from the highest quality harvests.  These growing environments allow the nutrient content of botanicals to fully develop.



We support minimally intrusive harvesting methods and use gentle extraction processes combined with effective storage techniques to reduce any degradation of nutrient and phytonutrient levels.


In this way, you can be assured that every drop of Rosa de Rose oil has the highest possible bioactive capacity, giving it the natural power to restore and transform your skin.

Artisan design

Lovingly handcrafted in Wiltshire, England, each artisan bottle is embellished with a Swarovski crystal and design elements inspired by Moroccan jewellery.


Made to be treasured, and ultimately upcycled, the beautiful bottles are created from  Miron violet glass that blocks out visible light to preserve the oil within.

We place great importance on giving back to the communities living near the habitats that feed our botanicals. 5% of every purchase is donated to charities that work to empower local village women involved in traditional agroforestry in Morocco. This, in turn, helps to promote better growing conditions, support children’s education and improve the local infrastructure.

Sustaining growth



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