designed to be treasured and upcycled

preserving our oils

to restore your skin

Our bottles are made from Miron violet glass, which blocks out visible light to preserve the oils within.

marrying beauty with function

We believe that the enriching power of our oils deserves to be presented and preserved in beautiful packaging that will be cherished and upcycled.

Unlike clear, blue, green and brown glass, Miron violet glass helps to preserve the potency of our restorative oils with a much longer shelf life.

Our striking glass bottles are enhanced with design elements inspired by traditional Moroccan head jewellery and dance belts. Each is uniquely decorated with a bejewelled chain that sits around the waist of the flacon. As a finishing touch of opulent glamour, this is fixed at the rear with a sparkling Swarovski crystal buckle.

Supporting the bottle, our eco-friendly packaging has been specifically designed for reuse, with little secondary or tertiary wrapping to dispose of.


Moroccan-inspired decorations are applied using paint made from harvested sugar cane and not petroleum.