The facial oil  |  by Rosa de Rose  |


  • Age well by building your skin's integrity


  • Intensely nourish and gently restore a healthy skin barrier against environmental aggressors


  • Dull and tired skin looks more youthful with a lustrous, radiant glow


Our growing environments closely mimic nature's own principles of sustainability, allowing the nutrient content of our botanicals to fully develop.  We have harnessed the active nutrients from 25 superior-grade botanicals to help reduce the visible signs of intrinsic and premature ageing.


Suitable for all skin types, with anti-inflammatory and emollient properties to help balance and soothe break-out prone complexions.

Rosa de Rose

SKU: 0003
  • Argan - Avocado - Bakuchiol - Bergamot - Calendula - Chamomile Maroc - Cypress - Evening primrose - Frankincense - Helichrysum immortelle - Jasmine - Kukui - Lavender - Neroli  - Prickly pear seed - Rosa Damascena - Rose geranium - Rosehip - Rosemary - Sandalwood - Sea buckthorn - Sunflower seed - Tamanu - Vanilla - Ylang Ylang

  • All bottles upgraded to 50ml

    (30ml standard)