restore and maintain

a vigorous skin barrier

Our story began in the northern province of Taounate in Morocco, where our founder, Zizzi Shoman, grew up. In this beautiful landscape, known for its rich biodiversity, she spent many years working her family’s agroforestry farm, learning about cultivation and harvesting.   


Passionate about restorative skincare, and with an education in beauty, Zizzi began to experiment with the raw, unrefined oils from the harvest. 


Inspired by a sea of olives and the fragrant blossoms of lavender, almond and neroli, she created potent oil blends, incorporating them into her Moroccan hammam ritual. 

These powerhouse botanicals formed the backbone of her first skincare formulations. With their subtle textures and heavenly scents, the oils delivered an intensely sensual experience whilst clarifying and revitalising her skin.


in Wiltshire England

The Rosa de Rose brand was lovingly born in 2018, a few minutes from the iconic Stonehenge prehistoric landmark.


We have perfected our master formula to create a facial oil that will repair, restore, and visibly rejuvenate the skin.  And we have collaborated with growers across the world to ensure they meet our supremely high standards for cultivating and harvesting all our botanicals.




Zizzi quickly recognised that every ingredient has a story from growth to formulation that influences its quality and experiential properties. This inspired the development of her Journey to Skin process, designed to naturally optimise cultivation, harvest, curing and extraction, and thus ensuring a consistently superior ingredient base.


Her research would take her to explore unique growing environments, such as the Rose valley in Kalaat M'gouna beyond the Atlas mountains.  Sourcing would focus on the biodiverse landscape before looking at the farming systems within.  She understood that biodiversity increased crop resistance to disease, insects and the weather, and would also improve the skin's resistance to environmental stressors.  Testing the plant extracts and unrefined oils from these habitats showed better results due to the enriched soil and more nutrient-dense harvest.

Moroccan ingredients remain at the very heart of Rosa de Rose. Overtime, Zizzi has enriched the formulas with a carefully-chosen array of the finest botanicals from around the globe.


Meet our



inspired formulation

Zizzi’s formulation methodology to heal, repair and restore skin was inspired by her mother’s 20 years of herbal medicine practitioner experience. Our process follows the same principle that multiple herbal and superfood extracts can work in synergy for enhanced results.


We have harnessed the most active nutrients from 25 superior grade botanical ingredients, strategically selected to restore a healthy skin barrier, and with anti-inflammatory and emollient properties to soothe and heal breakout-prone skin.



my secret

to smooth and bouncy

  more resilient skin

after 2 years of testing

Founder  |  Zizzi Shoman  |  April 2020


Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

f/2.2  1/60  8.80mm  ISO125

Unedited  |  No filter

Natural lighting  |  Bedroom setting

Having sensitive skin, I didn't want a product that would leave my skin more vulnerable to environmental damage on a daily basis.

My aim was to create a comprehensive go-to product to progressively restore and intensely nourish my skin without any harshness, keeping it hydrated and protected, free from the skin irritation, pimples, and dehydration lines I was used to.  

It was challenging to create a restorative product with the efficacy to transform the skin without any harshness, especially when formulating with some of the world's most nutrient-dense natural ingredients.  


My development philosophy recognises the reality that, like any good story, we have a beginning, a middle and an end.  With this in mind, Rosa de Rose was created to help us age well by increasing skin resilience to both intrinsic ageing and premature ageing brought about by our surroundings - but without a provoked healing process or enhanced sensitivity that may weaken the skin.